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MACO Transportation offers a complete range of logistics solutions. Our primary focus is dry van freight service with-in 750 miles of Memphis and our warehousing facilities located in Memphis.

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Dry Van

MACO specializes in Dry Van solutions within 750 miles of Memphis.


Short Haul

MACO provides custom short haul solutions to customers through out the Memphis market.


Flatbed Service

MACO can provide reliable flat bed services across the U.S.

Service Conditions and Rules Circular

This service conditions and rules circular provided by MACO Transportation to outline the following:

  1. Scope of operations and services provided
  2. Standard rates and charges
  3. Claims liabilities and limitations
  4. Claims processing and salvage
  5. Credit and collections
  6. Fuel Surcharge


Scope of Operations and Services Provided
MACO Transportation (MACO) provides shipments of goods in a dry van with a delivery point within 650 miles of is main terminal based in Memphis, TN. A shipment is defined as any amount of goods provided by a shipper that are to be delivered to a consignee. This shipment cannot exceed the maximum legal or safe weight and/or dimensions of the trailer provided by MACO. Standard freight rates are listed below:

Transportation Rates

  • Dry Van Local Delivery (under 50 miles from terminal):
  • Dry Van mileage rate:    
  • Stop offs (other than origin or final destination): 
  • Driver Detention:
  • Drop Trailer Detention: 
  • Truck order not used: 
$175.00 plus FSC (50 miles and under from Memphis) 
$2.25 per mile plus FSC 
$75.00 per stop 
$75 per hour after first 2 hours
$150 per day after first 2 days
$200.00 per occurrence 

At this time MACO does not offer temperature controlled or hazardous material services.

All pickups and deliveries will be made, unless otherwise agreed on in advance by all parties, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, holidays excepted. MACO will be excused from its delivery obligation and any resulting claims for any of the following reasons:

  • Acts of GOD
  • Acts of public enemy
  • Acts of shipper
  • Acts of public authority
  • Any factors beyond the control of MACO that create impractical or unsafe operations
  • Or the inherent nature or vice of the goods

All loads that are accepted by MACO are acknowledged solely as shipper load and count and consignee unload and count. Any requirement for the driver to load or unload will result in a lumper charge to be determined by the local business conditions and rates of the contracted lumper service. MACO does not accept COD shipments.

In order to provide service in times of equipment shortage, MACO reserves the right to utilize the MAP-21 compliant services of its affiliated broker, MACO Logistics, to retain other licensed, authorized and insured carriers. Notice of such substitution will be provided to customer at or prior to dispatch. MACO warrants that all service conditions contained herein shall apply and that its MACO Logistics will retain and compensate the carrier it retains.

Proof of delivery will be provided to any of the interested parties for $25.00 per request.

Intermodal Services
MACO Transportation shall not be liable for the following fees related to intermodal transportation services:
  • Demurrage Fees by Steamship or Rail Lines,
  • Last Free Day Charges at Rail or Container Yards,
  • Container Per Diem Fees,
  • Chassis Rental Charges caused by the adherence by MACO Transportation to US DOT Hours of Service Rules or Safety Regulations, or excessive detention at shippers or receivers,
  • Box Lift Fees,
  • Storage Yard Fees,
  • Delays in delivery due to Chassis or Container Equipment malfunctions,
  • Repairs costs for Chassis or Container Equipment malfunctions,
  • Any fees outlined above due to Chassis or Container Equipment malfunctions;

Or any other fees MACO Transportation may incur as a result of providing

Intermodal Transportation Services to its customers.
MACO Transportation, at its sole discretion for the convenience of its
customers on a case-by-case basis, may elect to pre-pay any fees outlined
above and the customer agrees to pay the actual cost of the fees plus a
15% handling fee.


Inbound Unloading Container:
Outbound Loading (based on inbound container):
Pallet unloading and loading:
Initial Storage: (charged upon receipt)
Monthly Storage: (charged on 1st of month)
Outbound Less than Full Pallet Picking:
Banding/Shrink Wrapping:
MACO Pallets (Grade B Used):
Order Processing:

$350 for 20’   /   $450 for 40’ and above  
$350 for 20’   /   $450 for 40’ and above 
$15.00 per pallet 
$10.00 per pallet 
$10.00 per pallet 
$0.85 per case or bundle 
$3.00 per pallet 
$15.00 per pallet 
$6.00 per order

Unloading fee based on standard boxes load and unload, non-standard loads will incur additional fees

Claims Liabilities and Limitations
MACO will not be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages (including, without limitation, lost profits or business opportunity) or punitive or exemplary damages incurred or suffered by the shipper and/or consignee as a result of overage, shortage, or damage to shipments.

Unless otherwise indicated, all shipments will be rates as “FAK” or freight of all kinds, shipments for named customers and are subject to a maximum cargo liability of $0.50 per pound per article, or $22,500.00 per truckload shipment, whichever is less.

Claims Processing and Salvage
All claims for loss, damage, injury or delay are to be construed in accordance with the federal regulations set forth in 49 CFR 370. Claims must be filed with MACO within nine (9) months of the occurrence, must be submitted in writing and delivered to the current office location of MACO. The written notice of claim must include sufficient facts to identify the shipment, the asserting of liability for loss, damage, or delay; and making the claim of a specified and determinable amount of money. MACO will not consider bad order reports, appraisals, notations, of shortage or damage on bills of lading, etc. MACO will acknowledge any claim within thirty (30) days and will indicate to the claimant what, if any, additional documentary evidence is required. Claimant will allow MACO sufficient time to investigate the claim, with a minimum of five (5) days allowed for inspection of the goods. MACO may at its own discretion require the consignee to provide a certified statement in writing that the property was not received by the consignee or any other party. Any refused, unclaimed and/or undelivered freight will be sold at a place and time of MACOs choice. Both the shipper and consignee will be notified in writing thirty (30) days prior to sale of the property. Maco will retain the cost of transportation and storage of the property with any remaining balance forwarded to the appropriate party(s).

Credit and Collections    
All shipments and services are billed net 15 day, non-payment can result in interest of 1.5%, loss of any or all rate discounts, and/or a collection penalty of 10% being assessed to the freight bill. MACO further reserves the right to collect any collection agency fee or attorney fees resulting in the collection of past due shipment or service invoices. Property brokers, freight forwarders, and third party logistics companies will be considered the agent for any shippers they represent and are subject to the same terms and conditions stated above.  All shipper’s agents are required to hold all charges in a constructive trust. Per the Bill of Lading Act, MACO reserves the right to place a lien on any undelivered freight and/or subsequent shipments for payment on past due charges. MACO also requires all shippers and their agents to waive their right to submit payments without setoffs for any claims against MACO.

All payments should be mailed to the following address: 
Maco Transportation
PO Box 382
Nesbit, MS 38651
And must include the invoice number for proper application of payment. MACO is not responsible for any late application of payments to an account if this information is not present on the payment.

Fuel Surcharge
MACOs standard rate of fuel surcharge is $0.01 for every $0.05 over $1.20 based on the US average diesel prices as listed on https://www.eia.gov/petroleum/gasdiesel/.

About MACO Transportation

MACO Transportation offers a complete range of logistics solutions. Our primary focus is dry van freight service across the U.S. MACO also offers local/short haul van and flatbed service, intermodal drayage, yard spotting services, and brokerage services to round out the logistics options MACO has available. MACO has a reliable fleet of company tractors with owner operators making up the bulk of our over the road power all using MACO owned trailers. With this mix of power, MACO can offer cost efficient options for our customers. For more information on the MACO Transportation solution for all your logistic needs, call 901-775-3500.


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MACO Transportation offers comprehensive supply chain solutions through warehousing, logistics, and transportation. We specialize in Dedicated, Over The Road, Local, and Regional Truckload. We offer tailored solutions for all your LTL and Intermodal needs. Outsource your fleet operations to us so you can concentrate on your business.

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